About SurveyAllStars

Survey AllStars was started by a small group of dedicated survey takers in 2016 on the east coast. Some of us were trying to earn a little spending cash for summer vacations, while others were looking for working from home jobs. We found each other through these like-minded goals and together worked to create SurveyAllstars.

What is SurveyAllStars?

After finding each other and discussing our goals we found ourselves to be overwhelmed with all the survey sites out there. Some of these sites were fantastic sources of information and money makers, but a large majority of the sites we found to either not be worth the effort or be outright scams that had no intention of paying for our time or information.

We communicated with each other to save ourselves from these time wasting survey sites and became a team dedicated to make it easier to earn money for all of us.

After a year of research and survey taking we decided to take the information we learned and share it with other people looking for ways to earn through survey sites and make money from home offers. SurveyAllStars was then created for that purpose.

SurveyAllStars continues to grow

With the success of our site we are currently trying new things, including quick poll questions to gather data on your opinions on current events or even just fun questions regarding entertainment. We hope that with your participation we can match our users with surveys and other work from home projects more readily. We will continue to try out new things in hopes we can help our users. If you have any thoughts or ideas, feel free to Contact us.