Why you Should Ask Survey Screening Questions

A survey in this context means to scrutinize, inspect or examine a specific particular or concept to ascertain its most current situation. There could be different types of surveys depending on what the survey was targeted to unravel. There could be student surveys, marriage surveys, natality surveys, economic surveys, business surveys, religious surveys, political surveys, travel surveys, etc. 

Surveys entail finding out the most accurate fact about any given subject, and at times it may involve getting people to share their deepest secrets or even their most cherished moments. It might seem absurd or out of place to poke into people’s privacy with a survey, but some of the most timely economic, social and medical decisions we have taken as a race were based on surveys carried out before that time. So considering all these, the importance of carrying out surveys in any field or place cannot be over-emphasized. 

Reasons Individuals or Compaines Ask Survey Questions 

1. They help to streamline the number of respondents

As incredible as it might seem to have people willing to take your survey, it would be of no use to have numerous persons respond with answers that you are not surveying for. This is the reason why you should use clear and concise questions to seek your desired response. Once your audience understands your questions, it would be much easier for them to provide you accurate information. 
Supposing you were surveying a population of nursing mothers who began breastfeeding a maximum of 2 months ago, it would help you state this clearly. So that other women whose breastfeeding have spanned more than two months can stay out of your survey.

2. They help to improve the attitude of your respondents to the survey 

It would put your respondents at ease to know what your survey is about and what you are aiming to achieve through the process. So, go on and pen down your survey questions neatly and precisely for optimal response. 

3. They ensure that only qualified persons take your survey 

When your survey questions are not ambiguous, it will enable you to earn the most accurate results possible. Not every Tom, Dick, and Harry should take your survey, remember the study has a goal. So putting down the questions ensures that only persons who know about the concept respond to you. And you can count on their response to get an accurate conclusion. 

4. They make the job of compiling results easier 

Getting responses from respondents that are familiar with the subject matter will reduce your stress during result compilation. This is because the answers you would receive are dependable and directly from the ‘best in the field.’ This means that you would not have to sieve the information too much before arriving at a suitable conclusion. 


The survey questions you ask in your surveys are as important as the response you would get to those questions and invariably the survey results. Hence take your time to craft and put together great questions that would facilitate the success of your survey. 

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