Types Of Student Surveys And Their Importance  

Students are the unique group of individuals that constitute the most significant proportion of any facility of learning. They can be spontaneous and unpredictable in their actions, but when the matter boarders around, resolving challenges that pertain to them, their viewpoint on affairs should not be neglected. Several survey means are available to instructors who wish to conduct thorough institutional surveys. A couple of known online and offline survey tools would be advantageous in this survey process. 

The survey method, notwithstanding, we must all bear in mind that a student survey that was well supervised would serve as a means to enlighten educators on what is genuine of relevance to the more significant percentage of the student population. A survey properly organized would also do to help institutions plan better and appropriate funding more judiciously.  

Some Types Of Student Surveys Include;  

Graduation Survey 

Most often than not, graduating students are the most honest students one can find. You can count on them to speak without fear or favor about anything they consider inappropriate about the school. While they mention some strengths of the learning community, it would not be out of place to reinforce those areas of strength. 

Student Engagement Survey 

This survey would only be appropriate for students in the tertiary institutions as it requires a level of insight on the part of the students into matters like the provisional curriculum operated by the school. It would help the university management recognize ways through which they may improve learning. 
 Student Satisfaction Survey 

Depending on the school’s class, the age bracket of the students, and facilities available within the school premises, a school could carry out a student satisfaction survey. This survey would ultimately bring to light what most students think about the school environment, how they esteem the teaching and learning facilities, how the students see their teachers or instructors e.t.c 

Back to School Survey 

At the beginning of any academic year, allowing students to participate in a ‘back to school survey’ would prove to be priceless information much later on. This survey will crystalize what most students are hopeful for and what they do not wish for in the new school year. It is the perfect exposition into the minds of the scholars and, when utilized optimally, would help provide better learning. 

Benefits Of Student Surveys 

Most educators can agree that students are reservoirs of ideas, some good and some bad, but essentially, every student has something to say that would strengthen the innovative pattern of the school. Some importance of carrying out student surveys are; 

1. In drastic times, the survey results could be used to ward off negative impressions about the school. 

2. Depending on what most students pick as most important to their learning, the school management can better allocate and utilize her funds. 

3. Since the students are the ones directly being affected by the problems within the school, they can provide a much more accurate account of the challenges within the learning facility.


Contrary to what some authorities believe, Student surveys are vital in helping to build a more formidable school. Therefore the priority should be given to providing more opportunities (survey) through which students can express themselves. 

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